Rain or shine, I’m here for ya!

I’m a lover of slow mornings, bike rides to the farmers market, dinner parties, bluegrass bands, hitting the slopes and gin negronis. I married by best friend in 2021 gathered around a slew of our best friends and family in the backyard of his grandmothers beautiful property in Southern Vermont during the fall. We laughed and danced our bums off to the best mix of oldies and 90’s rap, late into the evening under 20 large hanging disco balls. Although, I love tradition and rituals, I am also a huge advocate of creating your own traditions just as much. 

My husband and I bought our cute little home in Denver, Colorado where we live with our favorite fur ball, Ziggy! We’ve been fixing things up, here and there, to make it our own and decorating it with souvenirs from our travels together and apart. Our families are split between coasts, so we frequently take trips to the pacific north west and the east coast to visit family and friends, but also have created a community of friends in Colorado that we can’t live without. I get a lot of my inspiration from weddings, travel and love to create spaces where loved ones can gather over good food, wine, music and create memories together. 

let's meet!

Every wedding is very unique and I try to go into each one with no expectations. Your wedding day is all about you! I want to learn about who you are, how you interact, what brought you together, and how you wish for your wedding day to feel. I want your gallery to feel like a unique and true representation of your love! I like to take a fly on the wall perspective, but also keen on being present enough to help with the flow of events. 

Each wedding I shoot, I strive to capture that visual ambience in a well-crafted gallery that evokes feeling and nostalgia for the ages. I’ve always prioritized timelessness over trends and for this reason my editing is true to color while still creating a dreamy and romantic look. 

Planning a wedding, big or small, can seem like an overwhelming task out of the gates. I want to help in any way I can. I love giving advice on wedding timelines, sharing vendor recommendations, helping you pin your corsage, or bustle your dress. Whatever it is, I’m there for you! I love weddings because I love people and I want to get to know you beyond the photos. That’s why I encourage my couples to book an engagement session first. It’s such a great way for us to get to know one another and get comfortable in front of the camera. Either way, my goal is for you to breathe easy and enjoy your day from start to finish!